Konaki combines advanced science, with strong partners and smart technology to achieve

its objective of developing one-of-a-kind disruptive capability that provides economically robust

and symbiotic circular solutions.


Konaki has a future-focused scientific process that is designed to continually develop new and
improved cutting-edge technologies. Advanced science also enables Konaki to adapt a  
sustainable and environmentally responsible approach that provides superior productivity and

economic outcomes.


Konaki believes in the business mantra "It's not the big that eat the small, it's the fast that eat the slow".
Most commercial entities are isolationist, and view all outsiders as a potential threat to their business - this view

makes them slow and prone to be swallowed up by changing markets, technologies, expectations and ideas. 


One of Konaki's greatest technology and commercial advantages is that it collaborates with like-minded
quick moving partners. By establishing partnerships with strong, forward thinking and innovative

companies, Konaki has added additional world-class capabilities to its portfolio.  





Most of today's companies operate within a paradigm that is becoming uneconomic and technologically 

outmoded. These companies are becoming increasingly unfamiliar with, and incapable of addressing,

the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities that are demanded by the modern market place.  

With advanced science and strong partners as its foundation, Konaki has the smart technologies that will 

thrive in the modern market place and set the standard for future technology developments. 

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